Tahiti to Peru Day 20, Thursday, March 21st

We are on the way home and starting the day early. We woke at 3:30am and crowded into a small private van at 4am heading to the airport. I had the front passenger seat with the most room even with the seat moved forward. The driver drove like a mad man who I guess is because there was no traffic.

I had trouble communicating with the counter agent about checking the luggage through to Washington, DC after going through Orlando, FL. I lost that argument. After going through security, we went to a TGIF Fridays restaurant where everyone got their first coffee of the day. I was the only one having breakfast. Babs and Kitty went souvenir shopping to tie up loose ends.

We take our airports for granted and are lucky not to climb ramp stairs to enter an airplane. Our flight to Orlando on LATAM airlines was smooth. We lucked out and had no one in the seat between us. The meals were meager but edible and Babs purchased wine to compensate for the lack of taste. The flight attendants were wonderful.

When we arrived at Orlando we cleared customs, retrieved our luggage and then found out we had to go to another terminal. This meant taking our luggage out of the customs area and checking it with American airlines. The person assisting us (I was in a wheel chair) talked to the LATRAN personnel and said that they would get our luggage to American. He then took us to the other terminal and deposited us at the American ticketing area.

We checked in at the American counter, explaining that we left our luggage with LATRAN without getting new baggage claim tickets. The agent, named Grace, copied our LATRAN baggage tickets and promised  to try to have the luggage transferred to this flight. If the luggage didn’t make it she would forward it to us.

We barely made our flight, getting to the gate just as boarding was to commence. The flight home was uneventful but the seats were narrow and uncomfortable. We were lucky that it was only a 2 hour flight. The flight attendants were pleasant but I’m sure were older than my 73 years. In an emergency, I’d have to help them out!

We lucked out with our baggage which did make it onto our flight. It was raining and I had planned to use Uber to get home but none was available. We ended up with a $93 taxi ride home which I did not mind one bit!

Babs Says: I am changing a MLK Jr. quote to fit my feelings to-night: Home at last, Home at last, Thank God Almighty, We’re home at last. And so is our luggage.






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