Tahiti to Peru Day 19, Wednesday, March 20th

Once again we woke at 6:30am without an alarm! We ate at the breakfast buffet which includes one ordered entrée. That’s how I get my egg fix.

Exiting our van, there was a Peruvian food truck parked at the curb.


The van to our first museum.

It is a public museum which traced Peruvian history from 5000 years ago. The above crypt stone was one of the few original relics displayed. The majority of the displays were of reproductions.

The most fascinating thing was that chiefs were buried in the fetal position and their body surrounded with humans who were sacrificed to be buried with him. There were also beautiful textiles and pottery. It is hard to believe that such beautiful things could be made with primitive tools.

Babs posed with a stuffed llama as we left the museum.

In the park across the street from the public museum art had been carved from the stumps of fallen trees.

We continued the tour by driving to the private museum which had beautiful grounds

This museum had thousands of authentic pottery items. There are no reproductions. Almost all of the artifacts were stolen from graves before laws made it a crime to rob the graves. This is a private collection which can be sold. The bump in the road is that the collection can’t be broken up nor moved.

There were also several rooms exhibiting brass, silver, and gold jewelry, nose end ear rings, breast plates, and head dresses.

There was also a large area devoted to erotic pottery. Skip this section if XXX rated pottery offends you. Some of this pre-Inca pottery is graphically “off the charts” and is noted in a historical perspective only. However it should be noted that Peruvian school groups have this room included in their tours.

We left the museum and returned to the hotel for lunch. Babs had a hamburger, and I had a pork and noodle dish.

Following, Babs, Frank & Kitty left on a tour of Inca ruins which was about 30 miles outside Lima. Along with them on the tour were a couple from Australia who kept had a chronic hacking cough. First they toured a small museum.

They drove around the ruins sites. Archeologists are still uncovering relics.

The buildings for young girls awaiting to be sacrificed to the Sun God were rebuilt. Next they went to the sun god area. There was a long steep walk to the top. Babs almost made it  but had to stop short. Frank and Kitty made it to the top.

They are amazing structures but a heavy rain might wash it all away because they are constructed  of mud bricks.

The ride home was a long hot ride, air conditioning apparently is not used, and traffic was terrible.

We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. Babs had her same seafood and rice dish. I ordered a hamburger medium rare and it came well done and touch as shoe leather. I sent it back and it came back super  well done, and probably spit on by the cook. I ate the fries! After dinner, Babs told me the hamburger she had at lunch was so bad she couldn’t eat but a bite. Thanks for the heads up, Babs!

Babs Says: Those Incas must have been extremely fit specimens, carrying water, mud, blocks for miles to build their cities. I would not liked to have been a young Inca girl. They were offered a human sacrifice! Why just girls??!!






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