Tahiti to Peru Day 18, Tuesday, March 19th

We were up at 6am and I took a shower so I wasn’t ready  until 7am. When we called Frank & Kitty they said if we wanted the tour we had decided on, we would need to be ready to go by 8am. To make that work I’d have to forgo breakfast. I am a diabetic and said that wouldn’t work for me. So we decided to walk down to the pacific ocean. We were told there is a mall there with restaurants serving authentic Peruvian food.

After having the breakfast buffet we walked the 10 long blocks to the mall. I have balance issues and the down hill walk was very difficult for me. The grounds were well kept with views of the pacific and play ground for children.

The mall is below grade with two levels but no elevators. Frank & Kitty found ramps that went to the lower levels which turned out to be mostly high end clothing shops. There were also a Starbucks and a Duncan Donuts.

Disappointed, we headed back to the hotel. We stopped at the only “tourist trap” type store that we passed on the way down and purchased some souvenirs to bring home. In an attempt to possibly find other souvenir shops we took a different route the rest of the way back to the hotel. That produced no better results but was easier on my knees because it was walking up hill.

Almost back to the hotel, we came upon the Alfresco restaurant so we stopped for lunch. Babs and Kitty had the calamari, Frank S. had seafood cioppino, and I had octopus and crispy calamari ceviche’ served with sweet potato. Both entree’s’ were excellent.

On the way out of the restaurant we snapped these photos.

Back down at the pacific there is a park called Lovers Park. I didn’t have it in me to make the walk down there so I too a nap. Babs, Frank & Kitty walked to the park to check it out.

The park had statues of lovers in various positions.

The park is known for viewing the sunsets over the pacific.

We ate dinner in the hotel dinning room and then to the lounge for piscos. Babs says they were great!

Tomorrow we have tours booked so we’ll be up early!

Babs Says: Foreign countries do not have all the accommodations for physically challenged people that are available in the US. Frank Spadaro was the accommodation for Frank O. getting him up and down ramps, curbs,etc.     Thanks, Frank



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