Tahiti to Peru Day 17, Monday, March 18th

We were still asleep when we arrived at the Peruvian port. Port noise woke Babs up and we were dressed and ready to go at 5:30am. The port is huge. We are docked next to a mammoth CGM lines container ship with containers stacked ten high across the width of the ship. Before breakfast we spent time on our veranda watching the containers being unloaded.


A tug boat stood while a refueling ship pumped fuel into our ship.

Breakfast was in the Terrace Café buffet. Babs had a made to order omelet. I had a plate of fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. When we finished, we went to the Marina lounge to retrieve or passports and wait for our group to be called to disembark.

It’s called hurry up and wait. We were almost the last group called  to disembark and claim our luggage. We had hired a private van to take us to our hotel, the Radisson Miraflores. Our route took us thru slums; them Miraflores a very nice area.

We arrived at the Radisson and had to wait a couple of  hours for our rooms to be ready. I guess the desk clerks felt sorry for us and upgraded us to a junior suite on the 10th floor. From our room we could see the pacific ocean.

We booked a city tour and then ate lunch in the hotel restaurant which was located on the second floor. Babs had a chicken, ham, and grilled cheese sandwich. I had a club sandwich, and my cousin Frank had a burger with a stack of fries.

Shortly after lunch a minibus picked us up at the hotel. There were Spanish-speaking guests on the bus with us and each group had their own guide. We traveled past some ancient ruins, century old olive groves, libraries, presidential palace, and government buildings.

Outside the museum square we posed for a photo.

We toured a mission/ museum with an outdoor court.

The mission had several religious  shrines, alters and catacombs with relic bones which could be viewed.

One of the shrines above was Lima’s patron saint, Saint Rose of Lima. The mission was directly adjacent to the cathedral.

Walking back to our van we passed this Pisco bar and went in to try pisco sours. My cousin Frank purchased a bottle of Pisco sour. They also offered sampling of Coco leaves, but we passed on those.


We had dinner tonight at Restaurant Alfresco which offered both fresh seafood and traditional Peruvian dishes such as guinea pig. The calamari was the best that I have ever had. My entre’ was this traditional rice and seafood dish. Babs had sea bass. Both were yummy!DSC04238

Most entrée’s were accompanied with potatoes. That is not surprising considering that our tour guide said that potatoes were the national vegetable and Peru had 3,000 varieties including sweet potatoes.

It was a pleasant evening walking back the three blocks to our hotel.

Tomorrow we will either walk down to the pacific or book more tours.

Babs Says: A first for me. As we got off the ship there was a person holding placard saying Mr. & Mrs. Orifici, Mr. & Mrs. Spadaro. Felt like some kind of VIP.



2 thoughts on “Tahiti to Peru Day 17, Monday, March 18th

  1. willybo1 says:

    Frank, I’m disappointed that you passed on the Coco leaves. Just suck on them while in your mouth and build up some fluid and with your tongue rub it around. Forget the Piso Sours.

  2. Tim, I was tempted but I’m just a “fraidie” cat. I always think back to when I tried chewing tobacco in Vietnam and didn’t know not to swallow it! Puked my guts out.

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