Tahiti to Peru Day 16, Sunday, March 17th

We were up at 6:30am and had coffee n our stateroom. After breakfast at the Terrace Buffet we returned in to our stateroom where I began to pack my suitcase. Babs went to a lecture on boobie and friget birds then returned to read.

Lunch was also at the Terrace Buffet with Irish fare because it is St. Patrick’s day. We ate corned beef and cabbage, lamb stew, and soda bread.

Returning to our state room we finished packing because our bags need to be out in the corridor for pick-up by 10pm. One good thing about packing this time is that we don’t have the worry about distributing weight because tomorrow we are not traveling by air!

At 5pm we met in our stateroom for “happy hour”. We finished our bottle of champagne and a bottle of white wine furnished by Tinker & Vidal, accompanied with spring rolls, a cheese tray, and crackers.

Our final dinner together was in the Grand Dining room where we posed for a photo with our favorite maitre d’.


After returning to our stateroom we put our suitcases out for pick-up. Haven gotten ready for bed, Babs readied to enjoy her last Manhattan on our veranda in style! A girl can never be sure who she’ll see.


Tonight will be our 11th straight night at sea without setting foot on land. For my part, that is way too much time rocking and rolling to and froe. It is also noteworthy that except for the ship at Pitcairn Island and ship and jet at Easter Island, I did not see another ship nor plane since leaving Fakarava. That leaves one with an odd feeling.

My travel tip is: if one wants to be sure after spending a lot of cash that they will see Easter Island, take a plane!

Tomorrow we will arrive in Lima and begin another phase of our journey.

Babs Says:Enjoyed my last crème brulee until we cruise again.


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