Tahiti to Peru Day 15, Saturday, March 16th

Today we were up at 6:30am and had coffee in our stateroom. We were told the closer we got to land the more the swells would subside. Wrong again! Seems as though the seas are rougher.

We dressed and went down to the Grand Dining room for breakfast. Babs had her western omelet and I had fried eggs with lamb chops. Afterwards I retrieved my netbook and headed up to the computer lab. Babs went to an Asian cooking demonstration.

Both Babs and I had no luck. The computer conductivity was non existent and the Asian chef from the Red Ginger specialty restaurant, burnt his pan!

Lunch was hamburgers at the Waves Grill.

Babs went to an exciting llama/ sloth lecture and I went to our stateroom to watch the television news channels.

Dinner was at the Polo Grill where Babs had the lobster and I the rib eye steak.

After dinner we went to the bar with Tinker and Vidal for a cocktail. As soon as we sat down the bartender handed me a “no dog”.

Tomorrow our last day at sea!

Babs Says: I can understand why sailors of old got in fights, drank too much grog, and went raving mad. 12 days of not stepping on land, fish, or birds, (and they had horrible food, no TV, or other entertainment) is driving me stir crazy!


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