Tahiti to Peru Day 13, Thursday, March 14th

Today we ate breakfast in the Grand Dining room. After breakfast Babs went to a lecture on whales and I went to the computer lab to work on my blog. However, after about a half hour of trying to connect I realized that it was a fruitless exercise and gave up the ghost.

After returning my netbook to our stateroom, I put on my swim trunks and went up to the pool deck. In an effort o keep the guests occupied there were a whole host of activities going on in the form of games. There was a putting contest, corn hole, ring toss, ping-pong, and tennis ball toss into the pool. Each participant played against a crew member. Everyone, participant or observer, had a good time even  though it was very windy..

I opted to soak in a hot hub and then lounge in a recliner!

While Babs and Kitty observed the festivities from the track deck.


We had lunch at the Terrace buffet and then about 2pm went down to the Marina  Lounge to watch the movie Green Book complete with popcorn. The move, a recent Academy Award winner was very entertaining and a good way to pass the afternoon.

Before dinner we went to the bar with Tinker and Vidal where Babs had her before dinner Manhattan. I don’t drink alcohol so I enjoyed a non-alcoholic Salty Dog, which the bartender called a “no dog”.

We met Frank and Kitty at the Polo Grill specialty restaurant where we had an excellent dinner. Babs had Caesars salad made table side and I had Waldorf salad.

We both had oysters Rockefeller as an appetizer.

Babs had a fillet, I had 32oz bone-in prime rib.



Today it  was partly cloudy and in the 70’s. tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, water and all!

Babs Says: Craziness was trying to putt on a rocking, rolling ship with high wind gusts.



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