Tahiti to Peru Day 12, Wednesday, March 13th

We woke up early today in anticipation of exploring Easter Island. We had bagels and coffee in our stateroom. It was barely daybreak but we thought that the swells had decreased enough to launch the tenders.

We were to board our tender at 8:15am but at 8am the Captain came on the announcement system and said that the harbor was closed and he would try the other side of the island. That side was to rough also and we returned to our original position. Where a cargo ship was anchored to wait out the adverse conditions so it could enter the harbor.

It became apparent that the Captain knew in advance that we wouldn’t be able to enter the harbor and this was just an exercise to appease the many disappointed passengers.

After an hour of continuing the charade the Captain said that we would circumnavigate the island and see if some of the Moai could be spotted. We saw many of the Moai, 15 to 20, but most were to far away to get a decent photo because I did not have a telephoto lens.

We continued around the island while we ate lunch on  the outside terrace of the buffet. where Babs noted her distress at not exploring the island and a close up view of the Moai.

After cruising around the island we headed out to continue our journey to Peru. Babs and I returned to our stateroom and watched  the movie The Favorite.

We ate dinner in the buffet which had lobster as one of the choice of entrées. I ate my fill! After going with Babs to the bar, we called it a night.

Tomorrow, more days at sea, rocking and rolling!

Babs Says: So disappointed. I really wanted to check out the Moai and form my own opinion of how they were moved- logs & rope or aliens. At least the sun was shining today. The bright spot of a disappointing day. Saw Moai from a distance. Looked like chess pieces.



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