Tahiti to Peru Day 11, Tuesday, March 12th

We were up at 6:45am. After our daily coffee in our stateroom watching a beautiful sunrise.

As you can see from our veranda, it’s still rocking and rolling!

We ate alone in the Grand Dining room. My cousin Frank is still nursing a cold and doesn’t want to spread the germs. Babs had an egg dish with Spanish sauce and I had soft boiled eggs accompanied with lamb chops.


Can someone tell me how to correctly eat one?

In the morning there is a lot of well appointed places to walk. This lounge is just outside the Grand Dining room.


After breakfast, we started a load of wash. Babs  waited to load the dryer and then went to a cooking demonstration. My contribution was to unloaded the dryer and folded the clothes, the majority of which were mine.

The demonstration Babs went to was a French cuisine cooking demonstration.

Returning  from the demonstration Babs read a while and then was off to a lecture on  Area 51. The lecture was right down Babs alley being that she is really into Aliens!

Lunch was Mexican at the buffet.

Later that afternoon, Babs, Tinker and Vidal went Captain’s reception with 600 of their now closest friends. All of whom were vying for a free glass or two of champagne.


We met for dinner at the Toscano, one of the ships specialty restaurants. Babs said the calamari was good but her veal marsala entre was just okay. My veal chop was very large, perfectly cooked, tender and without the sauce and mushrooms, almost absent of taste! Kitty had the whole lobster dish that I had the first night.

This might be the only time of  a day that our corridor is void of any traffic!


This is the third day in a row we have set our clocks forward before retiring!

Tomorrow we will be at Easter Island and end our five day streak of not setting foot on land. To do so, the seas will have to calm substantially. At least it was sunny and warm, 78 degrees today.

Babs Says: Interesting 2 lectures today-Easter Island and Area 51. One common theme-aliens from outer space. Both speakers deny the existence of these “visitors”.


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