Tahiti to Peru Day 10, Monday, March 11th

No reason to hurry so slept until 7am. After having coffee in our stateroom we went to the Grand ding room. The food on Oceania is a notch above other cruise lines. Fried eggs, broiled lamb chops and a fresh fruit plate has become my breakfast “go to” choice.

Next came an previously unannounced life boat drill. The crew had drilled the previous day. With all the rocking and rolling, one had to wonder if it was actually a drill.

I worked on my blog as long as the internet held out. Reception was spotty, as we are literally in the middle of nowhere. We had been told that there probably would be no internet until about two days after Easter Island because our course will take us between two “cones of service”, what ever that means. After a couple of hours of trying to upload photographs, I gave up.

We ate lunch at the Waves Café where I had my usual “Texan” burger, Medium rare burger, bacon, L&T, and covered in BBQ sauce. Add French fries and then ice cream. It doesn’t get much better than this!

After lunch it was to cloudy and windy for laying out on the deck.

I went to our stateroom and watched Mutiny on the Bounty on our TV.  Babs elected to attend a lecture on Easter Island’s Moai which was presented by one of   the islands residents. He ended his presentation saying that he hoped that the seas calmed down, “so he could get home”.

Dinner tonight was once again I the Grand Dining room. The parsnip soup was memorable.

After dinner Babs, Tinker, and Vidal went to the bar for an after dinner drink. I went along because the night before some guy sat down at the bar and tried to “hit on her” which made her uncomfortable. It’s just a hazard of looking younger than her age!

Tomorrow, more “rock and rolling” at sea, steaming toward Easter Island.

Babs Says: Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep,Beep, Beep,Beep, Beeeeeeep! Grab the life vest and head to the life boats.

PS: My Cannon camera’s battery went dead at Bora Bora while on the glass bottom boat ride. My computer accepts a mini SD card and the camera a regular SD card.  Because of that, I couldn’t upload the pictures to my blog. I am now at home, so I am sharing you some pictures of Bora Bora’s coral and fish from that excursion.


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