Tahiti to Peru Day 9, Sunday, March 10th

This morning we arrived at Pitcan Island.

Today we slept in a little, not ordering coffee until7:30 am. It is rainy and generally nasty.
The ship tossed around all night due to he large wind driven swells. Today the inhabatents of Pitcairn are boarding the ship because our tendercraft is to large to enter their port.

We had our breakfast in the Grand Dining room. I’ve taken to having eggs, Frenched lamb chopps, and a fresh fruit plate for breakfast. I’m going to miss eating like the “rich and famous” when we leave the ship and have to pay for our food!

The Pitcarin are a group of four islands that form a British Overseas territory. The residents are known as the home of the desendants of the mutineers of the Bounty and Tahitans who accompanied them. There are currently only 38 residents of the island, mostly women. The islands populationt varies as people come and go via ships that visit the island. Most inhabitants are decendants of four origional mutineer families: Christian, Warren, Young, and Brown. The island is the least populated island in the world.

It’s not talked about but sometime in recient history, children were removed from the island due to sexual abuse. There are currently only three children, all girls living on the island. The age of consent on the island is 12 years old.

There was a craft market place held on the ship to allow the Pitcarin people to sell their wares. All matter of handicrafts from dyed tee shirts to wooden carvings were sold.

These crafts are the residents sole source of personal income. Their existence is dependent on the EU which supports the island. BREXIT will most likely cause them to loose all other subsistence unless Britain picks up the difference.

After lunch, we attended a lecture and question & answer secession presented by a resident from Pitcairn island. At the conclusion of the lecture I returned to work on my blog.

Dinner was at the Grand Dining room where Babs had her only bad meal, chicken in coconut ginger milk.

Tomorrow we sail toward the Easter Islands. The sea is rocking and rolling again.

The  captain has hinted that we probably won’t be able to enter the port.
Babs Says: Do they have flush toilets on Pitcairn? It takes a special type (or insane) person to live on an island so cut off from the rest of the world.


One thought on “Tahiti to Peru Day 9, Sunday, March 10th

  1. Used to talk with Tom Christian (vR6TC) on Pitcarin, Patched in The Doctors at Adventist Hospital in Glendale to help the Island Nurse with a Medical Procedure (using Coat Hanger to make instrument)

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