Tahiti to Peru Day 7, Friday, March 8th

Today we’ll be cruising the south pacific. We stayed up late to watch a musical production of show tunes done by the cruise’s performers. We also took advantage of no shore excursions to sleep-in and have our morning coffee delivered late.

We had a leisurely breakfast in the Grand dining room. Babs almost always orders scrambled eggs.


After breakfast Babs went to another cooking demonstration and then a lecture  regarding Octopus in the wild and how they produce. Did I mention that it appears that the average age of the cruisers is probably around 70 and that a very large segment of the cruisers are LGBT folks? And no I’m not.

The scenery doesn’t change except from cloudy and windy to rainy and windy. As of now, the ship is rocking and rolling day and night. Fortunately, the wait staff at the grill and buffet quickly offer to assist us old people carry their plates. Most of the time I’m like an errant bowling ball!

We ate lunch at Waves Grill. Dinner was in the Grand dining room.

Here’s a sampling of our scenery for today!


Tomorrow, more cruising!

Babs Says: Frank Spadaro said it correctly when he observed that we are in a wet desert-no birds, no flora, no fist-just vast nothingness.


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