Tahiti to Peru Day 6, Thursday, March 7th

This morning we arrived a Fakarava, French Polynesia at around 8 am. The sun had been up and the humidity was brutal due to rain showers earlier in the morning.

Many of the trees on the island, like these near an old lighthouse and historic coral church, are permanently bent away from the prevailing wind.

After breakfast, we headed down to the area that the tenders depart. Because there are steep steps down to the tender, the crew uses an elevator to help guest  with mobility issues  access the tender level more safely.  I had the misfortune of being on that elevator when there was a malfunction and it stopped short of the deck surface. When the operator tried to get the elevator to finish it’s decent, it would not move either up or down. The real misfortune was that I was trapped for about ten minutes with a screaming, hysterical woman who was trying to break out the elevators glass door. once we were safely ejected from the elevator, she asked to see everyone but the President!

The beach was about a half mile or so down a dirt road. The farther down the road, the better the beaches. Unfortunately the sun and humidity were brutal. The meager amount of shade on the way to the beach was provided by an old mango tree and an even older coconut tree which shed coconuts at inopportune times.


Once reaching the first beach, we decided that it would have to do! Babs went swimming in the “bath tub” temperature water and I soaked my feet while watching Babs. My balance hasn’t fully recovered since my right knee was replaced last July and since falling in Iceland in October I’m overly cautious.

After about an hour, we were on our way back to the ship.


By now it was past lunch time so we grabbed a burger at the Waves Grill which serves made to order burgers which are delicious!

After lunch, I headed back to our stateroom and took a nap!

We had dinner reservations at the Polo Grill. We had a great table at the stern of the ship which offered a grand view of the sunset.  I think my 18 ounce rib eye steak which melted in my mouth was the best choice this dinner!

After dinner Babs, Tinker, and Vidal, went to the cocktail lounge for a night-cap and I opted out and returned to our stateroom.

Tomorrow, more cruising.

Babs Says: My skin should be looking beautiful and my body should be feeling great since sweat has cleansed out all the impurities. Just wish the sweat could Wash out the fat just as easily.




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