Tahiti to Peru Day 5, Wednesday, March 6th

Today we are cruising toward Fakarava, French Polynesia. We awoke later today because there are no scheduled events that we planned to attend. We ate breakfast in the Grand Dining room and afterward Babs went to a cooking demonstration. I tried to sign on the internet but the system was down, so I went to our stateroom watched the various news  programs.

At least the seas were calm and the water crystal blue. When I got bored with the news I sat on our balcony until time for lunch. We ate at the buffet which had a Polynesian theme.


Sleep, eat, sleep, no wonder I’ve gained  weight!

Tonight we had a little get together in Tinker and Vidal’s stateroom before dining at Jacques.

Tomorrow we will arrive at Fakarava Island, French Polynesia.

Babs Say’s: Wonderful to be on a ship in the middle of the ocean and attend a private cocktail hour hosted by Tinker and Vidal. Champagne, cheese, bread, nuts.Fun.


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