The Journey to Tahiti Begins, March 1, 2019

Babs and I can’t seem to start a trip without some kind of drama during the beginning of the trip.

The night before we left for the trip I ended up in an urgent care center with a lesion on the instep of my left foot. The doctor said that it didn’t look to serious but that it should be lanced. However, because of my diabetes it should wait until we returned. A prescription was issued to treat any infection.

Friday morning snow began falling at midnight complicating our trip to the airport Friday morning. Fortunately, our almost daughter, Jenn Leady got us to the airport safely and in good time. Fortunately, we had TSApre tickets which saves a lot of time and grief during the screening process. My replacement knee and shoulder all but negates all of the benefits of the TSApre designation.

None the less, we were early enough to enjoy a good lunch before having to board our plane for the 5 1/2 hour flight to Los Angeles. As usual, I  of my lunch on my sweatshirt and Babs had to document the fact!


We arrived at our LA Hampton Inn around 5:30 pm where we met my cousin Frank Spadaro and his wife Kitty. Frank is more of a brother than cousin and he is always helping me when ever I needed help. After a less than great dinner and server service we returned to our rooms for an early night in preparation for our 8 1/2 hour flight to Tahiti tomorrow.

Babs Says: So glad the snow did not interfere with our flight. So nice to have a ride to Dulles. Thanks Jenn.


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