Tahiti to Peru Day 1, Saturday, March 2nd

We had a good breakfast at our Hampton Inn and shortly thereafter took the free shuttle to terminal B at Lax where our flight would depart. We had to wait at our check-in counter for the Air Tahiti Nui which didn’t open until 10:30 am.  Once opened, the line moved pretty quickly which was contrary to most comments posted on Trip Advisor. The lines at the TSA checkpoint were long and slow but once through them, we had plenty of time. to get lunch and get to our gate. 

Our gate  seemed an eternity away from the TSA check point. We arrived at our gate before realizing that there were no restaurants near the gate. That meant another long walk back to any kind of food. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant which happened to be the first restaurant which offered table service. The food was better that average for “airport food” and the service was excellent. 


After lunch we walked back to our gate and our aircraft pulled up to the gate about 30 minutes after we arrived at our boarding gate. We waited around another hour to begin boarding our plane.  After all 380 passengers were on board, we took to the rainy skies to begin our 8 hour, 50 minute flight to Tahiti.

Once reaching cruising altitude which averaged 36,000 feet, we had a pretty smooth ride.

I thought both the food and service by the flight attendants was good. I walked around the aircraft quite often to try and keep my circulation in my legs.

When we arrived in Tahiti after 9 pm and deplaned, it was dry warm and extremely humid. There was no jet-way and I had a hard time with the stairs used to exit the plane. Fortunately this nice younger gentleman offered to take my carry on bag down the stairs for me. Chivalry isn’t dead! After descending the stairs from the plane, it was about a 600 yard walk to the terminal building.

The unloading of the baggage is as ancient as the method  to disembark passengers from the plane. It took what seems like forever for our bags to get to the baggage area. After retrieving our bags I was surprised to see that there was no customs inspection. It was only a matter of minutes before we boarded our bus to the port.

Check-in to the ship was relatively smooth and we were in our cabin in about 40 minute which included watchin a 15 minute safety video.

Once in our stateroom we had about a 45 minute wait for our luggage to make its way to our stateroom. Once we received our luggage, we “hit the rack” because we were dead tired. The ship departed the port at 1 am  for our first stop, Raiatea, French Polynesia.

Tomorrow shopping in the morning, 4X4 truck tour in the afternoon.

Babs Says: Doesn’t the song say, “It never rains in Southern California”. Such a lie!

Our  flight attendant bore a slight resemblance to Bradley Cooper. I think watched him more than the movie.

One of the worst that can happen when traveling? A lost passport! Thank goodness some wonderful person found mine on the ground and turned it in. 





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