Untamed Iceland, Day 11, October 11, 2018

On this last rainy, windy, and chilly day of our visit to Iceland we boarded our Iceland Air flight back to the USA. Other than long, the flight was uneventful. When we landed at Dulles International airport in Virginia around 7 pm, it was also raining hard.

We had intended to take an Uber home but there was not one available until 9 pm. As a result, we “bit the bullet” and took a Dulles airport cab. We arrived at our house at 9 pm, just when we would have been getting into the Uber vehicle. The Uber ride would have cost $63. Our cab ride home was $101 and well worth the price!

I may return to Iceland again but probably not on an OAT trip. It’s not that there is anything wrong with OAT tours. It’s just that I prefer to be an independent traveler and I’m REALLY not into traveling on a bus, regardless of how comfortable it may be. Our driver, Alfred, was a terrific driver and literally ” baby sat me” because of the trouble that I was having with my post surgery knee replacement. Our trip leader “Beggi” Alfthorsson was a wealth of knowledge and did everything he possibly could to make our trip memorable.

Rather than dwell on what I didn’t like about the trip, this is what I did like. I really enjoyed the Lief Erikson home site visit, the whale watching, the waterfalls, and the Blue Lagoon. But what I’m really going to miss is the lamb, the fresh baked bread, and most of all, the water. I have never, ever tasted water, direct from the tap, or from a bottle, that was as good as Iceland’s cold water!

I also liked our fellow travelers. They were a friendly group, who after the second day knew everyone’s name.


(Photo courtesy of  “Beggi” Alfthorsson)

I turned 73 during the trip and am ashamed that those who were in there late 70’s, and the couple who were 83 years young, could run circles around me. I really hope that our paths cross again and that, this time, I can keep up with them.

Earlier I forgot to mention our greatest disappointment. The primary reason that we signed up for this tour was to see the Northern Lights.  In the ten nights that we were in Iceland we never saw them, boo! At least we are lucky that we saw them one year in Minnesota, USA!

This will be the last post of this trip. I’ll hopefully will be back again on March 3, 2019 with my blog of our south pacific cruse on Oceania line.

Babs Says: Iceland is a beautiful country but there’s no place like home!

PS. I want to thank my many followers. I check out each new followers site and I am awed by the professional quality of your blog posts. If only I could reach that level of quality!


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