Untamed Iceland, Day 9, October 9, 2018

When we awoke, it was pouring down rain. By the time that we went to breakfast, it had changed to snow. The breakfast buffet was strange this morning with spaghetti, vegetables fried in an egg dip, “rubber” scrambled eggs, fruit, and pastries. I opted for plain spaghetti that I added butter to and pastries.

After breakfast, we boarded the bus and journeyed to the south coast of Iceland where we stopped to see the waterfall named Skogafoss. This is a magnificent waterfall pumping tons of water. Unfortunately it was  raining so we didn’t continue to the base of the falls.

Leaving  the Skogafoss falls, we continued on to the Seljalandsfoss falls. These falls are much larger than the Skogafoss falls. If one is brave enough, not I, you can walk behind the falls across to the other side. At least the weather had dried up some but it was still overcast.

This is Judith and Peter who at 86 are the oldest couple in our group. They do every hike and keep up with the best of them. They are who I’d like to be when I grow up!

Our lunch was at a nearby restaurant where we were served salmon with leeks as vegetables. Dessert was a delicious chocolate brownie with homemade whipped cream.

We then traveled to Vik where we boarded a “Super Truck” to traverse the black sand landscape caused by a glacier. The ride there in the Super Truck was back breaking.We had the opportunity to hike to the glacier but I opted out because of the rain and cold. Afterward we were offered vodka with pure glacial ice.

These are the only photo that survived a camera error.

Tomorrow we go ATV riding!

Babs Says: Vodka over pure glacier ice still tastes like vodka.




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