Untamed Iceland, Day 10, October 10, 2018

Today is the only day of our trip that it has been sunny almost the entire day! We had a late breakfast and boarded our bus at 9 am. We will visit a volunteer search and rescue squad that performs all non fire related rescues. The squad uses helicopters, super land rover 4X4 Toyota’s, and watercraft  of various types. A rainbow followed us for several miles.


We arrived at the rescue squad building and were given a lecture on the various types of rescues that the squad has performed. There was also a demonstration of a line throwing cannon.

After the demonstration, we went on an ATV ride to view a couple of large boat wrecks. Unfortunately the camera appears to have malfunctioned during the rescue demonstration and the ATV ride.

After lunch at a gas station/ food court, we drove to the Blue Lagoon, where we bathed in the soothing hot mineral water. The white “mud” is supposed to rejuvenate your skin.

Returning to Reykjavik we passed one of Iceland’s prisons. Our guide says that the maximum sentence can be no more than 18 years unless you are judged criminally insane


We stopped at a newly erected memorial to General Marshal Andrews who was to head the western command in the evasion of Europe. Unfortunately he died when the B24 Liberator that he was flying in crashed into a mountain when attempting to land at Reykjavik. Andrews Air Force base in Maryland is named after him.


We had a nice  farewell dinner at  our Hilton Hotel. The food and the company was great.

Tomorrow we fly home!

Babs Says: Over bumps, avoiding rocks, through big brown puddles on an ATV just to see an old rusted boat wreck. Not for me.





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