Untamed Iceland, Day 7, October 7, 2018

Today is a little warmer this morning with temperatures around 32 degrees. After breakfast, we boarded our bus and drove to the fishing town of Dalvik. When we arrived, we went to the outfitter and donned our survival suits.


We walked the 300, or so, yards to the boat and motored down the fjord where the captain said we would be sure to see whales. The weather was overcast but not rainy. It was warmer on the aft section of the boat so that is where we congregated.

The mountains surrounding the fjord were snow covered and beautiful.

True to the captains word, we saw whales. Some up close others farther away.

After whale watching, the captain took us to a fishing hole where we got a chance to try our luck. This is my cod contribution. It got thrown back into the water.


When we returned the outfitter fried up our catch on the grill so that everyone could get a taste.

As usual I have to have some drama each trip and this one was no exception. Going back to the outfitters, I fell , landing on my right knee which just had a full replacement. The survival suit cushioned the fall somewhat but it still is a little ache. I’m hoping that it’s just bruised.

The traffic lights here have a red light in the shape of a heart!


Dinner tonight was at the hotel. Lamb or steak had by all. The lamb here is to die for!

Tomorrow we fly south back to Reykjavik and drive to Selfoss to explore the Golden Circle.

Babs Says: Happy Birthday Frank! Whales are big, yet graceful. Fresh fish is much, much better than “unfresh” fish.


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