Untamed Iceland, Day 6, October 6, 2018

It is 20 degrees warm this morning when we woke up. The snow line has gotten lower on the mountains. This is our view from our room.

After breakfast, we were on board the bus at 8 am. It was still in the 20’s but not snowing or raining. We were traveling farther north to the thermal area of Iceland. Leaving Akureyri we climbed high mountain passes with icy roads and mountains with lots of snow.

Our first stop along the way was at Godafoss (waterfalls of the Gods). Babs and I hiked the path to the falls where we took these pictures.

After hiking to the falls, we met the bus at a little restaurant/ fuel stop to get some coffee and use the restrooms. Walking through the store, Babs found these cookies which are made in Maryland!

Leaving the falls, we drove to the thermal area where we visited Hverabraud a restaurant bakery where bread is baked by the thermal heat outdoors. There the owner/ baker demonstrated how he bakes his bread. He puts the ingredients in large plastic containers and then bakes it in ovens sunk into geothermal steam. We had a chance to taste the finished product which tasted like molasses pumpernickel with the texture of pudding.

Lunch was at a local restaurant that had a buffet featuring baked trout, lamb, soups, salad, chicken, vegetables, and fruit cocktail out of a can for dessert. Everything was delicious!

Across the street from the restaurant was a field of pseudo craters. Babs hiked to the end of the trail to take these photos.

Next we traveled to see the black lava formations of Dimmuborgir. We also stopped at an overlook with a view of the Namasskard geothermal area. I stayed with the bus but Babs, Tinker, and Vidal went exploring.

We returned to the hotel in time to freshen up before going to our home hosted dinner.

Our hosts for tonights dinner were Samuel and his mother.  The evening started out with everyone introducing themselves. I told them that I was recently released from prison after serving ten years for attempted murder. When I saw from the look on their faces that they believed me I set the record straight The main course was a baked salmon filet marinated mango chutney, covered with almonds, and baked to perfection. It was served with salad and boiled potatoes, and mango yogurt.

Dessert was a baked meringue two layer cake(?) topped with strawberries and chocolate. Everything was delicious.

Tomorrow we will go whale watching!

Babs Says: We found out today that children who are naughty get potatoes instead of coal at Christmas. Maybe I should be naughty.

Is it real if you can’t see it? That was the question of the day. Trolls, Hidden People, Elves? Who knows for sure?


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