Untamed Iceland, Day 5, October 5, 2018

When we awoke it was 25 degrees and overcast. After breakfast at the hotel buffet (so, so) we boarded our bus and headed north in search of the Leif Eiriksson,  Eiriksstadir Museum. The museum is located on the homesite of Leif Eiriksson, the father of Erik the Red. The route there took us over high snow covered passes.

There we entered a replica of a sod house and listened to a lecture of the early Viking life presented by a young lady in Viking woman’s attire.

Next we visited an Iceland horse farm  where we watched a demonstration of the different gaits of the horses. Demonstrating the tolk gait, which is soo smooth, the rider rode totally around the rink without spilling a drop.

Afterward, we went to the horse barn for a close up view of the horses. Babs petted and posed with some of these small but magnificent animals.

Following the horse barn, we went up to the farm house where we had a less than satisfactory lunch of soup and salad. The salad bar was understocked and ran out of food before everyone had a chance to get salad. The only shining light was the dessert, a yogurt with berries, and some horse meat.

Leaving the horse farm we took a fairly long drive over a snowy mountain pass with an icy roadway. Part of the drive we followed a snow plow that was also putting down sand to aid in traction.

On the way, we stopped at an area where a Troll had caused some mischief which resulted in this waterfall and canyon.

We arrived in Akureyri where our IcelandAir hotel is located. It is furnished in early IKEA but is clean and comfortable.

Dinner was here at the hotel and was a  salmon appetizer, tender, and delicious lamb, and dessert of chocolate mousse with berries.

Tomorrow we head farther north.

Babs Says: Snow, beautiful snow! It was so wonderful to see mountains covered with pure white snow. Even better seeing it from a nice warm seat and not worring about driving, shoveling, or slipping.

Neigh, neigh, yea! Icelandic horses are so cute, smart, and friendly (at times overly so as trying to nuzzle your neck).



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