Untamed Iceland, Day 4, October 4, 2018

Another morning which is starting out raining. It has also gotten chillier with the wind blowing around 25 – 35 miles an hour out of the north and spitting snow. We drove across lava fields and saw many waterfalls.

We headed across the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Our destination was the fishing village of Arnarstapi. The bus deposited us at the marina where our hike along the coastline was to start. The trail began with a modest hill. The wind was blowing so hard it moved my 262 pounds off of the trail and I almost fell. That’s where my hike stopped. Our bus driver Alfred saw my juggling act and exited the bus to aid in my return to the safety of the coach.

Babs continued on the hike and took in the raw beauty of the ocean rock arches.  At the end of the trail was this stone structure. I asked Babs what it was and her answer, it’s too cold and windy to walk up there, so use your imagination! The rain drops on the camera lens shows how bad the elements were.

We continued down to this little sea side restaurant called Fjoruhusid where we had lunch. It was in Babs words, tiny, cramped, but very quaint. Lunch was home baked bread and fish soup. The soup was milk based and had good flavor but needed seasoning.

Our next destination was Snaefellsjokull National Park visitors center. There were historical and natural resources exhibits and a lighthouse. The exhibits were okay. The lighthouse was closed and it was too cold and windy to walk out to it anyway.

The drive to our next destination, the Bjarnarhofn Shark Center took us through lava fields, snow covered mountains, and near a “lava cone plug” which looks like a Viking Ship and a Viking from a distance.

A short time later we actually drove onto the center of a lava cone.

After arriving at the shark center, we looked at some of the exhibits and watched a short video about the Greenland shark. The sharks which can reach a length of over 24 feet are toxic to the point of killing you if the flesh is eaten fresh. The meat is cut into blocks, aged for several months and then hung to dry for nine months. It is called hakarl.

You eat the aged shark by dipping the meat into schnapps and then chewing it. After you swallow the meat you chase it with the schnapps. Any way you cut it, it’s not pleasant to say the least. A sequence of photos of my tasting tells the story. It may have been better with the schnapps but I don’t drink. I used the Grappa method of tasting which is exhale before tasting!

We left the Shark Center and headed back to the hotel where we ate dinner. I had mussels and Babs had scallops, both were delicious.

Tomorrow we head north to visit a horse farm.

Babs Says: I know I wrote something about Jaws but, Frank lost my Babs Says So I guess I said nothing.

Frank Says: Please forgive any “typos” or automatic spell check producing wrong words. It is always well after midnight when I’ve finished because I’m trying to catch up and I’m too tired to proof read.



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