Untamed Iceland, Day 2, October 2, 2018

Today we awoke at 7:30 and hurriedly dressed and headed down to breakfast. (I was to set the alarm at 7 instead of 7:30) One change is that, for now at least, it is sunny this morning. After another good breakfast, we went back of the room to get ready for today’s tour of Reykjavik.

We were in the lobby promptly at 8:30 where it was hurry up and waited to begin our short (?) walk to the city bus stop. Those of you who have been in  the Army will understand. This is the bus which will take our group to another “short walk” to our first destination of the day, the Ocean Cluster Home. This for lack of  better word is a business promoting Iceland’s cod fish industry. Here we learned about how Iceland’s fishing industries are setting the “Best Practices”.  This is essentially not throwing fish guts, bones, and skin back into the ocean but processing the byproducts into products which will  produce more profit and (wink, wink) be more beneficial for thee planet. Of course the fish, crabs, and worms which used to live on those “left overs” might disagree with that.

Anyway, here is a photo of the “Bubba  Gump” of the cod industry explaining this to our group.

After this riveting lecture, we got an opportunity to taste some of these wonderful products. They included liver oil, canned cod, fish liver pate, and flaked cod, yummy!

Next we boarded another city bus that took us to the Iceland museum. It is a very well done museum showing Iceland’s rich history and heritage. This could have been a guy who had earlier listened to the lecture at the fish institute, but is actually the remains of a Viking. Pretty interesting place!


In addition the exhibits included Viking weapons, stained glass from medieval churches, a carved drinking horn , model churches and ships.

After the museum, Babs and most of our group opted to walk 10 or so minutes to the down town area to shop. On their way downtown they passed the Parliament building, a picturesque pond, and a “cute little church”. Of course the “plus” was the funeral hearse.

Once arriving downtown they indulged in a hot dog from Reykjavik’s most famous hot dog stand, a bargain at $4.50.


Afterward they walked around town where they saw this bakery, an adult “day care center sign, and the front of the penis museum.

Dinner tonight is on our own so we went with our friends Tinker and Vidal Falcon to a restaurant called ASKUR  (pronounced Oscar). Tinker had lamb chops, Babs, Oriental Lamb steak, and Vidal & I lamb shank. Everything was perfectly cooked. It was a totally excellent meal.

Tomorrow we will enjoy one of the perks of a bus tour, our luggage must be out and ready to load onto the bus by 7:30 am. At 8:30 we’ll be on our way to travel overland to Stykkisholmur.

Babs Says: We left the restaurant tonight singing, “We all ate a lot of lamb, lot of lamb, lot of lamb. We all ate a lot of lamb, and no one missed mint jam. Baa, Baa, Baa!


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