Untamed Iceland 2018, Day 1, Oct 1, 2018

We boarded our Iceland Air Boeing 757 at 7:50pm at Washington Dulles  airport and departed slightly late at 8:40 p.m. The flight was smooth and the all female flight crew made up time and we landed at Reykjavik 30 minutes  ahead of time. That’s where the “fun” began.

The landing was understandably rough due to 50 mile an hour gusting cross winds and a deluge of rain. There is no jet way so you have to negotiate a steep portable jetway in a down pour and wind that is trying to knock your off your feet.  I was trying carrying a small carry-on bag, had my CPAP bag around my neck, and hold onto the hand rail in a gusting wind and being pelted by rain. I was about to careen head first down the jetway when an Iceland Air employee came to my rescue. That began my Iceland experience.

The airport is small with no “moving sidewalks”. It seems as though you walk 2 miles  to get through customs and then another five miles to the baggage claim area. We then had to find our transportation to our Hilton hotel, Fly Bus. Once we found the departure point for the Fly Bus, we enjoyed an hours ride into Reykjavik where we had to transfer to a smaller bus to be taken tour hotel.

At the Hilton we met our guide “Beggie”. Our room wasn’t ready, so we met some of our fellow travelers and enjoyed a very nice buffet breakfast which was great. Our room was ready at 10:30 and I elected to take a nap. when I awoke at 1:20pm, Babs had joined the walking tour of Reykjavik.

Her guide took them on a three hour tour through Reykjavik. They passed n old schoolhouse that once had 1500 students and now has only 700 and a preschool which is unusual because the buildings are on wheels.

This Lutheran church is constructed of poured concrete. the architect designed a similar Catholic church and was hired to built this church to be bigger than the Catholic church he had designed.

The statue in front of the Lutheran church is Leif Erikson.

Street scenes and Punk Rock museum pictured here.

These are photos of the Prime Ministers house and the Reykjavik Music Hall.

The  tour ended near the ocean where a rainbow shown over the seaport.

After a  great dinner we headed up to our room.

It’s now10:30 p.m. Tomorrow, more Reykjavik.

Babs Says:  Rain, rain go away. Hope Northern Lights are on the way.


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