First Adventure of 2018, Day 13, 04/30/2018

We awoke, dressed and checked out of the hotel. We returned our vehicle to Hertz and took the shuttle bus to the terminal.

After checking our bags, we walked to the TSA check point. Our tickets said TSA Pre indicating that we didn’t have to take our shoes off, take out electronics, etc.. Well today there were so many people, they determined that everyone was TSA Pre. I should say, everyone with except me, because I have a metal shoulder. Out comes my wallet, everything in my pockets, off comes my belt, and I enter the electro magnetic chamber of dread.  Supposedly this thing can see the difference in men and women, and my shoulder glows red. So why do they still pat me down?

We had breakfast at Sammy Hagar’s “Beach Club” restaurant. Two breakfast sandwiches and two coffees and tip, $48 dollars. The coffee was great, Seattle’s Best, and the croissant sandwiches good, but $48 dollars?

Our full Southwest Airlines plane boarded on time at 9:55am. Thankfully we departed the fair city of Los Vegas on time. I can see no sane reason to ever return to Los Vegas again. A shame, because it used to be a fun place. In my opinion, it is now just loud, crude, and money hungry.

We arrived at on time to BWI at 5:50pm. Thankfully, I decided to use a Skycap, because I would have gone to the wrong place to meet our Uber driver. Our ride home was uneventful. Where ever so humble, there is no place like home!

Frank Says: Babs is asleep so it’s my turn! Thanks for following us. We had a fantastic time. The true highlights were the trip to rainbow bridge, the Antelope Canyon, the drive on US 50, Death Valley, and most of all, seeing family, and Christine & Jason’s wedding and reception. The only disappointment was how Los Vegas has changed. I attribute that mostly to our age, maybe if I were younger I would see it differently.

If you can stand it, follow us to Iceland at the end of September.




2 thoughts on “First Adventure of 2018, Day 13, 04/30/2018

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    Frank, I know a fellow who Las Vegas in a 90 thousand.dollar Mercedes Benz, and came home in a 300 Thousand dollar Bus.

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