First Adventure of 2018, Day 12, 04/29/2018

This morning we got a late start do to some in our group imbibing like a pro at the reception last evening. Makes me glad I don’t drink any longer.

Once we got going, we picked up Babs cousin Denny and his wife Jane from the Mirage hotel. We drove to IHOP for breakfast. I like IHOP because in addition to good pancakes, a coffee pot is put on the table if you order coffee. It seemed like a good choice because everyone was satisfied with their breakfast.

We really had no plan so Babs suggested that we drive out to Red Rock Canyon state park. It we a nice, easy drive and we made good time getting there. Unfortunately, it seemed as though everyone awake in Los Vegas did also. The visitor center parking lot was full, the road into the visitors center, (about a quarter-mile plus) was bumper to bumper, and there was a line of cars equally long waiting to get to the toll booth to get into the park.

We decided to pass on entering the park and just continued up the road. We pulled into an over look parking area where we took these pics.

We drove a little further up the road and came upon a town with a nice little city park. I never pass up a bathroom break opportunity. As I headed toward the restroom, I asked Babs to take a pic of the park. This is her interpretation of a park picture.

They did actually see some wild horses, but they were on the crest of the mountain to far to take a photo. The only way they saw them was because a tour helicopter circled above them and they ran.

About 3:30pm we dropped Denny and Jane at Cesar’s Place hotel where they hung out with Patty and Rick Wills Denny’s sister and brother-in-law. We returned to the Flamingo where I lost the last of my gambling money honing my craps skills.

Finally without gambling as a distraction, I worked on my blog. Babs walked up the Los Vegas strip to the Venetian Hotel and back. I was making no progress on my blog because the internet connection kept coming in and out, So when Babs returned we went to dinner at Bally’s Casino supposedly to the buffet. Problem, no buffet!  We went to the Thai restaurant instead, another $90 meal.

Tomorrow we fly out, so we returned to our room and continued packing.

Babs Says: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, The only thing of mine that stays is the $27.50 lost in the slots. I guess my money went to Roberts and Andrews winnings.




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