First Adventure of 2018, Day 9, 04/26/2018

Today is a crystal clear day. Walking from our room to the breakfast area, we got a clear view of Mt. Whitney’s jagged peaks covered with snow.


The breakfast of this Best western hotel is one of the best we have experienced this trip.

After eating breakfast we returned to Death Valley National Park. I’m posting a lot of photos. There is so much beauty it is hard to decide which photos to cut.


Our first stop was the Borax Mine which was the image featured on the 20 Mule Team Borax detergent box.

The desert looks like it is sandy. This is what the floor of Death Valley is composed.

The Visitors center was about a quarter mile from the Borax mine so we stopped for a bathroom break. A cool day in the valley!


We then drove through the Artist Point loop road which has mountains with vivid color which photos can’t do justice.

From Artist’s Point we continued south to Bad Water basin which is the lowest point in the US.

From the Bad Water Basin we continued south to the south entrance of Death Valley. This was the first time that we had gone this route and it so happened that by going this way we had now traveled the complete north – south route through Death Valley.

After we exited the park we ate a picnic lunch at Shoshone, the first town outside the park. It was a neat little park with these old trees with unusual bark.

After eating lunch we continued our trip to Las Vegas where we will meet up with our son Robert and attend a wedding Saturday.

Tomorrow more Los Vegas and maybe a short side trip.

Babs Says: Last night I went to put lotion on my hands and there was none on the vanity. I looked in the tub area and saw wall dispensers with shampoo, etc. So I filled my palm with white cream and rubbed it all over my hands, arms, and lips. That’s when I realized it was body wash, not body lotion. I was foaming at the mouth for the next hour.





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