First Adventure of 2018, Day 10, 04/27/2018

Today Babs, myself, and our son Robert went down to the buffet here at the Flamingo Hotel and casino for breakfast. $24 plus tax for breakfast, I don’t think so. We decided on muffins and coffee instead for the price of one buffet.

After breakfast, we got our car from the valet and headed to the Valley of Fire state park.

The park is a spectacular geological specimen which looks as if the mountains were painted. This was our first stop just inside the entrance of the park. Babs and Robert explored while I remained near the vehicle.

Our next stop was the parks Visitors center which had a myriad of information, displays, including live snakes and taxidermy animals found in the park. The park also had several flowering cacti that  were in bloom. The one standing with Robert is some times referred to as a blooming idiot.

Leaving the visitors center we continued our journey through the park. After a short time, Robert spotted these mountain goats.

Robert enjoys hiking and spent a lot of time enjoying himself in exploring the various domes in the park.

Time was beginning to be a factor so we finished the route in the park without any more hiking stops.

Returning to Las Vegas, we got ready to attend the “bachelors reception”, which was held at the Vdara hotel. It was a good opportunity to mingle with Babs family.

After the reception, Babs and I went to dinner at Batista’s Italian restaurant. It was one of the places where we ate when we brought our son Frank to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday. The food was great and wine was included in the expensive price.

Tomorrow we will still be in Los Vegas.

Babs Says: The best part of Las Vegas is seeing family and getting out of town.


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