First Adventure of 2018, Day 8, 04/25/2018

Today was to be an easy day with our only objective being to drive to Lone Pine, CA. We  left Lake Tahoe, NV after eating breakfast at McDonald’s. Babs and I both had an egg McMuffin and coffee for a total of around $12. While eating our meal, Babs looks at the window with an advertisement, “2  egg Mc McMuffin $4”. Maybe next time we’ll pay better attention!

There was some pretty spectacular scenery along the way. Babs shot these pics coming down the mountain toward the desert floor.

An unexpected site was Mono Lake. The lake which is one of the oldest lakes in the US is twice as salty as the ocean. The only species of game that can live in it are the indigenous brine shrimp. The small islands that are in the pics are volcanic. We were excited that Mono Lake had a beautiful visitors center, with restrooms. Unfortunately, it is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 😦  We still walked around the exterior where Babs took some more pics.

These swallow nests were under the eves of the visitors center. Birds were constantly flying in and out of the nests.

We decided to take a side trip to the Tioga Pass section of Yosemite National Park but the pass was closed. 😦

We arrived at our Best Western hotel at about 2:30 after an over priced hamburger lunch at Car Jr’s.


We decided that we had enough time to drive the 50 miles to Death Valley National Park, explore, and drive back. After much discussion, we decided that our half tank of gas was more than enough and therefore we didn’t fill up for $3.69 a gallon.. Once inside the park we quickly noticed we were wrong and  $40 later had eight more gallons of gas.


We had some minor misunderstandings concerning which road we should take. A couple of heated discussions later, I turned around and returned to Stagecoach Wells and went into the gift shop where I got a park map. Problem solved!

We back tracked and found the Immigrant Pass Road which  is part of the 35 mile loop that we wanted to drive. These are the pics Babs took along the way.

After we drove the loop we headed back to Lone Pine, arriving around 6:30pm. We ate nice dinner at a place named Totem Café and then returned to our hotel.

Babs took these pics of the evening sky.

Tomorrow we’ll explore Death Valley some more, then drive to Las Vegas.

Babs Says: 32 degrees at Lake Tahoe this morning. 101 in Death Valley this afternoon. Seems like a reason for a  striptease show.

I see Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continual US, from our room. We drive 1.5 hours and are at the lowest point in the US.

Stupidity is costly and very unpleasant.






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