First Adventure of 2018, Day 7, 04/24/2018

Today we went to Virginia City Nevada and then drove around the entire length of Lake Tahoe. I guess Harrah’s thought we hadn’t gambled enough because when we went to go down to the lobby, all of the elevators were out of order.  We returned tour room and waited for the hotel to hopefully remedy the problem, which they did in about 10 minutes.

Virginia City is where the Comstock Load of gold and silver was discovered. It turned into a “boon town” with over ten thousand residents. Homes, hotels, hospitals, schools and banks were developed. Today it is primarily a tourist destination with museums, restaurants, and novelty stores.

After leaving Virginia City, we returned to Lake Tahoe and drove around the lake. Excluding lunch, this took over two hours of driving time. One thing that was irritating was that you had to pay a fee, at $5 a pop, to park in the “overlook” areas. I guess I’m just spoiled by driving in the wide open spaces.

We ate a delicious lunch at a place named Bridgetender Tavern and Grill. The hamburgers were humongous and perfectly prepared.

After lunch we continued around the lake until reaching our hotel.

Of course, when we tried to open our hotel room the keys wouldn’t work and we had to return to the front desk for new keys.

I took an hour and a half nap and Babs read. We planned on eating dinner in the hotels cafe but it was closed. So once  again we ate ate the buffet.

After dinner I went down to the casino and got a sizable gambling lesson, gave up, and returned to the room a loser! I guess it could have been worse.

Tomorrow we head to Lone Pine near Death Valley National Park. Hopefully we’ll arrive early enough to do a little exploring.

Babs Says: This casino is very good about serving free drinks. The only problem is, you sit at a slot machine for 30 minutes waiting for the drink. Have now lost $20. So much  for free!


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