First Adventure of 2018, Day 6, 04/23/2018

We were going to sleep in a bit this morning but were up at 5:30am. After dressing, we ate breakfast at Margaritas where I had Huevos Rancheros and Babs a breakfast burrito. Both entrees were ample and delicious. This is one of the many unusual decorations at the hotel.


Before starting out, we took one more ride through downtown Ely.


Today we drove US Rte. 50, the loneliest highway in America. It is definitely a lot of nothing but had more traffic than yesterdays route. There are lots of cows and nothing, with few restroom opportunities. That being said, there is still a lot of beauty to be seen.

One of the most notorious oddities of Rte. 50 is the “shoe tree” whose limbs hold hundreds of pair of shoes thrown there by passersby’s

We finally found a picnic area at a small town and had lunch. We ate the last of our original supply so we’ll need to  replenish tomorrow.


After lunch we continued on to Lake Tahoe and the Harrah’s hotel. We checked in and went up tour room. Our room is a King Premium on the 10th floor. It has two full baths and a view of Lake Tahoe.

We decided to stay over another day because it would shorten our drive tomorrow. So after one debacle and another, we arranged to stay in this same room tomorrow night.

I went down to the casino and played some three card poker and came away ahead. I went back  to the room and Babs and I went to dinner at the buffet. The food was good but there was an obvious shortage of vegetables

After dinner, I returned to the casino and three card poker where I gave back some but not all of my winnings.

Tomorrow we go to Silver City, NV and from there take  the long way back to Lake Tahoe including a drive around the entire lake.

Babs Says: Rt. 50 – desolate but not deserted. Road construction with flagmen.

Happy Birthdays to our friends Nick and Kathy.


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