First Adventure of 2018, Day 5, 04/22/2018

Because today we had no real pressing reservations to make we slept in until 6:30am. We ate a leisurely breakfast at the  Hampton Inn where we were staying. Breakfast consisted of rubbery egg Spanish omelet, gooey oatmeal with dried cranberry’s and kielbasa mixed in. Not the Four Seasons, but the price is right! They also serve great coffee.

We left Cedar City around 9am after filling up the vehicle and walking around Walmart trying to find a rubber tip for my walking stick. I ended up buying Duct tape.

Our next destination was the Great Basin National Park. We have been there before and took the cave tour which is well worth the ride to the middle of nowhere. This time however, it was so Babs could get a Christmas ornament for her National Parks tree.

Tomorrow we will drive on Rte. 50, the so-called “loneliest highway in the US”. I don’t think there is a lonelier highway than State Highway 21! After you leave I-15 there is absolutely nothing but high desert for over 121 miles until you reach Great Basin.

I should say nothing but high desert and cows, both dead and alive. We counted 11 carcus along the route. Signs were posted, cows on open range. They just cross at will!

We went into the gift shop at Great Basin and purchased a Christmas ornament. Afterwards we tried to drive to the top of Weavers Peak but after three miles the road was closed because of snow. So we turned around and returned to the visitors center picnic area and ate another picnic lunch.


After lunch we traveled the last eighty miles through the mountains to Ely, NV.


We are staying at the Prospector Hotel and Gambling Hall. It is an utterly fun type of place.


The room is large and has a 60 inch TV. The whole hotel is decorated with western and movie memorabilia. Our bathroom is no exception.

Dinner tonight was in the hotels Mexican restaurant, Margaritas. Both the food and service was good.

Tomorrow is about an eight-hour drive over Rte. 50 to Lake Tahoe/ Reno.

Babs Says: I almost took a picture of the dead cow that looked alive except for 4 legs sticking straight up in the air. Too grouse! But not as grouse as the other 7, some half-eaten by critters, and others nothing but a heap of bones. No pictures. At least they escaped the feed lots and butcher shops. May they rest in peace.

Should I be proud of myself or feeling stupid? The hotel gave us coupons for 2 free drinks in their lounge. I had one drink and the other coupon is still in my pocket, I have let a good bourbon go undrunk!


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