First Adventure of 2018, Day 4, 04/21/2018

Today, we took the guided walking tour of Antelope canyon. At 5:15am we awoke, dressed and checked out of our hotel around 6:20am. We didn’t have to check in at Chief Tsosie’s Antelope Slot Canyon Tours until 7:30, so we went to McDonalds for breakfast.

We were done with breakfast at 7am so we went over to the tour office to check in. We got our tickets and were told our tour wouldn’t leave until 8:20 so we sat in our vehicle and listened to a book-on-tape to pass  time.

Promptly at 8:20 our Navajo guide, Irene, loaded us into a jitney vehicle and drove 11 of us to Antelope Slot Canyon located on the Navajo reservation.


The tour was a quarter mile through the canyon and returned through the canyon in the opposite direction. Irene showed us different points of interest in the canyon, which narrows to just over shoulder width in some areas. The photo opportunities yield spectacular photos. Because the Canyon is considered sacred by the Navajo, flash photos are prohibited.  The taking of pictures other than the canyon is discouraged because it is considered rude by the Navajo.

Here are the photos of the canyon.

After the tour we went to the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument where Babs got here book stamped because the  last time we we there, there was no Visitors Center.  We looked at the river gorge and Babs took these pics.

Leaving the visitors  center, we drove toward Cedar Break National Monument where Babs wanted to buy a Christmas Ornament. The ground had lots of snow and the road into the National Monument was closed.


We looked and looked for a picnic area but couldn’t find one. Finally we came across a little town that had a city park where we had lunch. Along with the compulsory picnic photo are a couple of pics of the nag in the pen across the way. I wonder if it was a rescue horse?

Before we reached Cedar Break there was heavy volcanic lava flow on both sides of the road. We have now idea what volcano it was from.

Because Cedar Break was closed we continued on to Cedar City where we checked into the Hampton Inn. Dinner was at Brody’s Mexican restaurant where we had an excellent Authentic Mexican meal.

I apologise for the photos after Antelope Canyon. I didn’t realize that the camera was on the wrong setting until I went to insert them into the blog.

Tomorrow we continue west to Ely, Nevada where we will spend tomorrow night.

Babs Says: After rubber eggs at hotel breakfast buffets, an Egg McMuffin is gourmet fare. walking through the slot canyon it is easy to understand why the Navajo consider it sacred ground.


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