First Adventure of 2018, Day 3, 04/20/2018

Todays adventure is a boat ride to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. This is a big day for Babs as it completes her quest of visiting all of the National Parks and Monuments located in the US and have visitors centers. Welcome to Glen Canyon and the Rainbow Bridge!

The reason this was the last of the places Babs needed to visit to accomplish her goal was because of the expense of the boat tour. In hind sight it was cheap for what we got and well worth every dollar.

We had a 6am wake up call but I was up at 5:10am and couldn’t get back to sleep. This seems to always happen when I know that we can’t miss an appointment. At any rate, we made it to our appointed meeting place in plenty of time.

Our breakfast was a banana nut muffin for me and a blueberry muffin for Babs. At 7:30am the guide summoned everyone to proceed down to the boat. I took a look at the steepness of the first 20 yards of the paved path and quickly determined that it was too steep for me to handle. I guess she saw my apprehension and agreed with my assessment and  called for a cart for us and another couple with a gentleman more unstable than I. Wise choice, the path was at least a 10% grade and over a quarter mile long.

We boarded a large craft that could hold 100 in the main cabin and another 80 on the upper, uncovered deck. Everyone began sitting in the main deck area because it was raining. However, as the morning wore on, several people braved the weather, for the sake of better pictures.

The trip was divided into two parts. One to, and one from Rainbow Bridge National Monument. After the boat docks, it’s about a quarter mile trek down a slippery dock with planks made from recycled milk jugs. After that, another mile up and back a muddy trail. I saw the trouble people were having traversing from the dock to the  trail and Babs told me it may be better if I waited for her. That I did and still got soaked.

Babs made the mile and a quarter hike upto the Rainbow Arch. She took these pics on her way to the arch.

On the return trip, it wasn’t raining that hard and Babs spent the preponderance of that trip on the upper deck. I joined her for a while but found that it was just too cold, in addition to wet.

Rain or not, the scenery is truly some of the most spectacular that one can see. Additionally, the Captain said we got to see something that very few tourists get to see, rain!

Unfortunately, our camera lens fogged in the inside of the lens. Because of that, we missed a lot of good photo opportunities. However, after you see this blog posts pics, you may think we shot enough pictures. And, this is a very small sampling of the photos taken.

After the cruise, we went to the Glenn Canyon Dam visitors center where Babs stamped her book. We also took some pics of the dam, the second tallest dam in the US. Hoover  Dam is the tallest.

One of the exhibits at the dam was this dinosaur footprint fossil.


Dinner tonight was at Big John’s Texas BBQ. The seating was at communal picnic tables, the service great,  and the food good. Todays drama was supplied by me leaving my Visa card on the table when we left. Thankfully, I had asked our server for a business card before we left for our hotel. This is today’s lunch pic!


Tomorrow we do a guided jeep tour of Antelope Canyon.

Babs Says: 14 years ago I started on a journey to visit all the National Park Sites. Today we went to Rainbow Bridge National Monument and now I have stamps for all sites in the continental US, all in Hawaii, and most in Alaska. That leaves Guam, Samoa, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. I’m not sure if I will try to get to the new ones established since 2005. Also, chivalry is not dead. I went to the upper, outside deck of the boat to get a full view of the gorgeous formations. The chairs were all wet and I was trying to decide whether to go back inside when the young captain took off his jacket and spread it on the chair for me to have a dry seat. So gallant.


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