First Adventure of 2018, Day 2, 04/19/2018

I got out of bed at 4:45am this morning after five hours of interrupted sleep. I elected to not take the pain and muscle relaxer pills for my back, as instructed by my doctor, but was rudely reminded of my errors when I got up to use the restroom at midnight. I am further reminded this morning, via back pain, to stay on schedule with my meds.

We had a good breakfast at our Springhill Suites and then went to Walmart for picnic lunch supplies. That accomplished, we back tracked back through Kingman to get a closer look at some Rte. 66 curiosities,

and a steam locomotive exhibit.

The ride to the Grand Canyon National Park should have taken us three plus hours but we were slowed down by construction at four different mile markers along the way. Fortunately these single lane portions of I40 only resorted in slow downs and not total stand stills. Once you exit I40 onto Rte. 93, a two lane road, there is more traffic and slower speeds to contend with for the next 60 miles. On the dive to the canyon, the only animal we saw were several elk, crows, and a sole Raven. Once there, we we treated with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. No wonder is is the eight Wonder of the World!

It was now lunch time so we started looking for a picnic area where we would be protected from the wind which was both strong and cold. We finally found a table which protected by trees and our car  would enable us to eat lunch without freezing or eating in our car. Of course Babs had to take the obligatory lunch pic!


After lunch we made a few more stop at canyon overlooks. One of the most spectacular is the Desert view, which was our last stop at the Grand Canyon.

Leaving the canyon we began our drive to tonight’s destination, Page, AZ. Along the way we stopped at an Indian Trading Post which was next to a deep gorge. Babs wanted  a picture to compare to the one that she took on our last trip to the canyon.


We also had slow progress because of heavy dust storms which affected my vision.


Here are some of the landscape pics along the way to Page that Bas thought we worth sharing.

We arrived at the Lake Powell Resort and Marina at close to 5pm and checked into our room with a lovely view of the parking lot. Dinner was at Denny’s and was what it was”.

Babs says: Cold French toast is not good!






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