First Adventure of 2018, Day 1, 04/18/2018

Our Uber driver arrived promptly at 6:30am to take us to BWI airport where we caught our flight to Las Vegas. We arrived at the airport at 7:30am for our flight was scheduled to board at 9:05am so we decided to enjoy a Cinn-a-Bunn for breakfast.
The flight left 15 minutes late but other than that, it was a very nice but long flight. I will say that the seats in this Southwest Airlines were more  comfortable than those of United and Delta. The cabin crew on this flight was exceptional and one of the best that I have experienced on a flight that I have taken in the last three years.
We arrived at Las Vegas and while waiting for our baggage a Sky Cap noticed that I was using my cane and escorted  us to the “handicap” line for the shuttle bus to the rental facility. His kind gesture earned him a nice tip and saved us many steps as well as lot of waiting time.
After picking up our Ford Edge, we started our drive to Kingman, AZ where we are spending the night. Before leaving Las Vegas, we stopped at IHOP for lunch at 2:30pm.
Our route took us through the Lake Meade National Recreation area.
We have been to lake Meade before but had not entered the area from this entrance which is well below the dam. Babs took this opportunity to has her National Parks Passport book stamped for one of the National Parks commissioned by President Obama. This “park” assessable only to researchers  because there are no roads.
The road from the Bolder Dam to Kingman is through desolate desert country where even jack rabbits pack a lunch. We didn’t see any jackrabbits but we did see a Coyote.  The scenery is sparse but beautiful in its own right.
My back is still painful and I need to take my medication at the prescribed times. It was coming up on the time to take my pills and I had no water. I saw a National Parks recreation sign and noted that there was a store there. We had to go through the entry gate and show our National Parks pass. I told the ranger that I needed to purchase some water to take my medication and asked if the store was open. He asked me if that was the only reason to enter, and when I said yes he gave me a bottle of water .I offered to pay for the water and he said no. That was the second random act of kindness that we have experienced on this trip.
We arrived at our hotel, Spring Hill Suites, At around 5:30pm. We checked in, repacked our suitcases and have opted to forgo dinner and just “hit the rack” early.
Tomorrow we travel to Page where we will take a boat Friday morning to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the last missing entry in Babs passport book.
Babs Says: Oh, the luxury of being driven to the airport in a roomy, comfy, Lincoln Town car (even though it was 10 years old)

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