First Adventure of 2018

It may be a product of getting older, but it seems to have become a tradition that our trips are prefaced by some calamity. This trip is not an exception. One of our winter wind storm brought down a 45′ pine tree that was 36” in diameter across our back yard. I spent all day last Friday filling those holes with dirt, which put me in the emergency room this morning with severe lower back pain. I tried to out last the pain but I  finally gave in. Luckily there appears to be no permanent injury and my pain is now being controlled through the miracle of medicine. So I’m cleared for take off on our first adventure of 2018!

Wednesday we are off to Las Vegas which will be our “kick off” point and later, our final destination. A family wedding is the catalyst for the trip. It also provides the opportunity for Babs to visit Rainbow Bridge, the only National Park site in the continental US that she has not visited. If you care to follow along, we’ll also visit Antelope Canyon, the loneliest road in the US, Route 50, to Lake Tahoe, CA, Mammoth Lake, CA, Death Valley, and back to Las Wages for four nights. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have internet available so I can do my blog.

As we move along our route there’ll be more photos and less gab!




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