Med Cruise 2017, Day 9, Barcelona, Spain

This morning Babs and I got up at 6am so that we could have breakfast before leaving the ship. We ate at the Waves buffet which was a zoo this morning! We finally found a table and had breakfast. Even though this was the last breakfast for people on this cruise, the food was its regular excellent quality and selection.

At 8am we disembarked the ship, collected our luggage and caught a cab to our hotel. The ride into the city took about a half hour and cost 25 Euro.

Our home for the next three days is the H10 Art Gallery hotel. Our room was not ready so they stored our luggage and we went to explore the city. We had purchased a two day ticket for the Hop on Bus. The stop where we would meet the bus was a short three blocks from our hotel.

We decided to do a complete trip on both the blue route and the red routes of the bus before returning to the hotel. We took the blue route first. This route took us by the great park of Montjuic with a monumental fountain designed by Josep Maria Jujol. It was the site of the 1929 International Exhibition. Across the circle is the building that was the bull ring.

The blue route took us by the world trade center, the customs house, the National Art Museum, and the Poble Espanyol.

It was shortly after this that we changed from the blue line to the red line. If you follow my blogs, you already know that Babs & I always seem to encounter some dilemma on every journey. Well, shortly after changing to the red line and moving to the upper, open deck of the bus, our ticket flew out of Babs’ hand and floated away.

I spoke with the on board representative and he said, ” I’m sorry but if you get off the bus, you’ll need a ticket to get back on”. Regardless of the need for a bathroom, onward we went.

These are some of the buildings and sights that were on our route back to our stop. They included art work, Cara de Barcelona by Roy Lichtenstein, street lights made in 1906 by Pere Falques.

We exited the bus near Gaudi’s La Pendera and ate lunch at the Café del La Pedrera. I chose this not for the food, which proved very good, but for the restroom!

After a leisurely lunch, we walked back to our hotel and checked into our room which was now ready. I was bemoaning our ticket dilemma to the desk clerk saying that we were having bad luck.  She said it could have been worse because the taxi driver had just dropped off a piece of our luggage. It was my CPAP machine. The cab driver had both loaded and unloaded our bags and must have missed my CPAP when unloading. Fortunately I had placed one of the ships baggage tags with the hotel address written on the tag, onto the CPAP case. Maybe I had a premonition.

From our balcony we got a view of the courtyard below our room and a window into the surrounding world.

We ate dinner at a little restaurant called Cu Cut which was down the street from the hotel.

I had octipus and tomato bread. Babs had mussels and grilled razor clams.

When we returned to the room, I went online and purchased another 70 Euro Hop on bus ticket that I’ll print before breakfast in the morning.

Tomorrow, more Barcelona.

Babs Says: They call the wind Mariah but today the wind is called Thief!



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