Med Cruise 2017, Day 8, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

This morning we had time for breakfast because the excursion to Palma didn’t start until 9:30. We met our guide and boarded our bus which would take us the 4 kilometers into town. Palma De Mallorca is another seaport with lots of boats and yachts in the harbor.


Our tour started at the La Sen Cathedral.


There was a five-minute walk to the plaza at the base of the cathedral. When we arrived at the courtyard, our guide gave us a lengthily dialogue on the history of the cathedral. The cathedral was begun in the 13th century and completed in 1602.  This fountain was one of the many things that our guide pointed out.


After what seemed like a thousand stair steps over three levels we arrived at another 15 or 20 steps to what I thought was the entrance to the cathedral. By this time my broken toe was screaming please  amputate! Wouldn’t you think that this is the entrance?

Nope, the entrance to the cathedral is around the block. Once inside, the cathedral proved to be worth the walk. There was an abundance of stained glass. The rose window is one of the largest in the world. The literature says that it has 1236 pieces of glass and is 12 feet across.

The following photos are of the main altar which has a wrought iron canopy by Antonio Gaudi, the pulpit, and pipe organ.

There were two side alters. One was of gold clad wood and the other designed by Gaudi.

There were also some beautiful side alters and two alcoves which were paid for by rich patrons who wanted to be buried and memorialized in the cathedral.

After exploring the cathedral, we walked to a square where our guide gave us an hour of “free” time to do what we wanted to do. The centerpiece of the square was this ancient olive tree.


Babs wanted to walk down the street to another plaza to see what there was to see. The plaza was a large area with some “flea market” type stalls and a Burger King.

The walk to and from the plaza offered a variety of things to purchase.

At the appointed time, our guide appeared and we began our walk back to the bus. Low and behold, we took the same route that we arrived on except our guide bypassed the stairs!

We boarded our bus and rode to the Castell de Bellver a Gothic style castle that was built in the 14th century. Of course, more steps!

Entering the castle grounds the first things that one sees are the castles moat and dungeon tower which is attached to the castle.

The interior plaza of the castle Had a well in the center, statuary, and most importantly, a place for me to sit.

Babs took the stairs to the second level of the castle where there were rooms where the occupants lived and are now used for weddings.

Then she walked up to the roof of the castle where there were panoramic views of the city of Parma and the port. That is our ship.

After the castle, we returned to our ship where we had dinner at the French restaurant Jacques. It was good but a disappointment from our anticipated meal. Sometime anticipation and reality don’t meet!

The sweetbreads that I had as an appetizer was the best part of my meal. Babs and Tinker had Florida lobster which was served in this unusual manner.

Tonight is our last night on the ship. Tomorrow we will be in Barcelona, Spain.

Babs Says: Does a celebrity TV chef with a chain of restaurants guarantee a great meal? Not necessarily. Tres good? Yes. Exceptional meal? Not quite.

Happy Birthday Butch!






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