Med Cruise 2017, Day 10, Barcelona, Spain

After getting dressed Babs and I went down to breakfast . Our hotel had great breakfasts with a main dish ordered from a menu accompanied by a buffet with a huge selection of fruits, cheeses, pastries, and breads. When we finished breakfast I printed out the Hop on bus tickets I purchased the night before. We returned to our room, collected our things and off we went for today’s adventure.

Arriving at the same bus stop  where we started from yesterday, I presented our voucher to the agent who told me that it was no good. According to him, it was used ten days ago and I had to go to the office located in the “underground” (subway) located two blocks away. We went to the office and were told that we would need to go to the next office located about 600 yards further into the station. We continued to that office, waited about 45 minutes while the agents discussed our ticket with someone on the telephone and then were finally told that the voucher had been issued to two different customers. We would have to buy another ticket and apply for a refund for the tickets purchased last night.

We left that office and went back to where we started, crossed the street and purchased a two day ticket from their competitor. We are now $210 dollars into a $70 bus ride!

We had purchased tickets for the 1:15pm entrance to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by Gaudi. Because of all the time wasted trying to correct the ticket problem, we only had time to hop on the bus and ride it to the cathedral. The bus duplicated most of the route that we went on yesterday.

On the way we passed the gondola tower for the cable cars which cross the harbor, the science museum, the Jewish synagogue, pickle shaped Torre Agbar building, Peix (fish-shaped sculpture) by Frank Gehry, and the beach front.

We arrived at the cathedral about an hour and a half before our scheduled entry window so we ate lunch.

After lunch we walked around the park in front of the cathedral. and snapped some photos of the exterior of the cathedral.

The interior of the cathedral is breath-taking. In the sanctuary Christ on the cross hangs from the ceiling. He looks up toward God.

Ceramic tiles forming medallions adorned the high vaulted ceilings.

Ceramic medallions representing Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John adorn the pillars around the sanctuary.

The stained glass windows project light everywhere turning the interior into a kaleidoscope of color.

Spiral staircases went to the second level and this plaque had  the Lords prayer  carved into it.

We walked through the museum located in the lower level of the cathedral which had displays of the models used in designing the cathedral.

Afterward, we walked around the outside again, ending back at the front entrance.

During the tour, the tape said that Christ was looking up at God the Father. Babs couldn’t find it and wanted to go back into the cathedral to try to find it. I could see that she was having trouble finding the symbol so I asked one of the security ladies in the sanctuary, “could you tell me where God is?”. She cracked up probably thinking that I was nuts! I then explained that I meant the symbol and she showed me.

Leaving the Sagrada Familia we boarded the Hop on bus and headed toward the Olympic park. On the way we passed some neat statuary and the sculpture at the ocean port terminal celebrating the Olympiad.

Our last stop of the day was the Olympic stadium which was where the 1992 Olympic games were held.

This is the view of Barcelona from the Olympic stadium.

Tonight we had dinner at a tapas restaurant named Teleferic. It was good but not as good as the Cu Cut!

Tomorrow, more Barcelona but hopefully with less dramatics!

Babs Says: I need a Thesaurus to find synonyms for amazing and beautiful in order to describe Sagrada Familia. I don’t think there are words to convey the feelings sensed in this cathedral. I found God.

Sitting in the sidewalk café at lunch, I met up with a 1966 Blair H.S. grad! Blazers are everywhere.



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