Med Cruise 2017, Day 7, Sete, France

Hooray, we didn’t have to get up at 6am this morning. There were no planned excursions. We ate a leisurely breakfast before boarding a shuttle bus to the end of the pier where we began our self guided tour. Sete is the biggest fishing port on the Mediterranean. Some call it the “Venice of Languedoc” because it has canals much like those of Venice.  Sete is a hilly town with Mont St. Clair at its highest point.

Babs and I were on our own today because Tinker and Vidal elected to the torture of hiking up to Mount St. Clair. From the pier we crossed the bridges across two canals. Babs snapped this photo of me, and no I’m not taking a “leak” from the bridge!


After crossing the bridges we took a stroll along one of the canals taking in the sights and unique architecture.

Having reached the end of the business district, we turned left and headed “up hill”.

We eventually came upon a plaza with a fountain, a carousel, and some benches where I could rest some before turning back up hill.

After another fifteen minutes of walking, we came to the Jardin du Chateau d’ Eau park. (I translated this to mean, a nice hilly park) In the heart of the park was a war memorial for the sacrifices made during the world wars.

Further up the hill there was a tunnel through a little hill.

At the top of the park, was a new out-door toilet. They are very clean and are actually self-cleaning. After you wash your hands and open the door you have 15 seconds to exit before high pressure water does a 360 degree clean.

It beats this old style toilet.


Leaving the park, Babs wanted to try to find the artists district. We followed the map toward where the artist district should be. Along the way we came across a French film crew shooting a movie.

It turns out that the artist district is only individual studios with painted walls.

I had enough of the artists district, so I convinced Babs to take a “short cut” down to the street that parallel the canal. I didn’t realize how many steps, or dog poop, that was involved in this route. Evidently, the French train their pooch to take a dump at the base of the last stair step.

The street that parallel the canal had some nice shops selling produce, a butcher shop, and a pastry shop.

We returned to the ship where Babs and Tinker attended the after noon tea.

Upon embarking the first day, our stateroom had a bucket with a bottle of French champagne waiting for us. Because I no longer drink alcohol, we didn’t open it then. Before dinner tonight, Tinker and Vidal came down to our stateroom and we popped the cork.


Tomorrow we will be in Palma Mallorca, Spain.

Babs Says: I have nothing for tonight!






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