Med Cruise 2017, Day 5, Villefranche, France

Today I’m staying on the boat. Babs, Tinker, & Vidal are going to Monaco and the excursion involves more quick and difficult walking that my broken toe can handle.

There are three roads to Monaco, the waterfront road, the middle road, and the high road. Their bus took the low road through several charming seaside villages. Upon arriving in Monaco they rode two escalator, one elevator, and another escalator to reach the palace.

They first saw the houses of princesses Stephany & Caroline. They then proceeded to the Cathedral of Monaco, also known as St. Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco. They were thrilled to see a wedding. The groom must have been a fireman because they were given a fireman’s helmet salute.

They walked up a road that led up to the palace of Prince Albert. It was less grand as Babs had expected. They were lucky to get there to see the changing of the guard.

From there they walked to Jardin Exotique where they saw many species of succulents, magnificent trees, and views of the seaport.

Next it was off to the casino in Monte Carlo. It was a hike up stairs to get to the entrance. The casinor3equires formal dress but they were able to enter the atrium. There were complaints about the casino’s marble décor making the casino feel like an unhappy place. The result was this red and white checkered motif which seemed inappropriate to Babs.

Babs had never seen such a variety selection of luxury cars.

There was also a sculpture of an Indy racing car.


Leaving Monte Carlo, they took the middle road back to the ship giving them views of the Mediterranean.

Tomorrow we will be in Marseille.

Babs Says: In Monte Carlo we walked part of the race course. The car race would have been over by the time we climbed one hill and walked around the famous curve. We looked for James Bond – the real one (Sean Connery, of course), but he must have gone to Russia (with love).






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