Med Cruise 2017, Day 4, Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Today was another early start so we once again ordered room service for breakfast. Promptly at 8:15am we met our guide, boarded our bus and began our 90 minute ride to Rome. Our guide was a young Italian girl who gave use an over view of what we would see and then, thankfully, let us get some rest.

This tour was mainly a riding tour until we got to our hour and a half of “free time” exploring.  Entering the ancient part of Rome, we past this old church and an ancient gate which is now the Museo Della Via Ostiense.

The first part of our tour was around the Forum. I wish that I could remember which building they were, but I do remember that they were the political and religious center of ancient Rome.

We saw the Colosseum which dates from the year 80 AD and could hold 50,000 spectators.

Next was the Arch of Constantine.


These buildings overlooked Circus Maximus. Again, I’m sorry but I do not remember what hey were.

The remnants of Circus Maximus is nothing more than a dirt oval with a tower at one end. At one time 150,000 plus people watched chariot races here.

Leaving the coliseum area we headed toward the Piazza del Popolo where we could do what we wanted for an hour and a half. On the way we passed by these two Roman temples.

Along the way we passed many ancient buildings which I can’t remember their names.

We also passed a Papal Palace (on the hill), and the Italian parliament building.

We arrived at the Piazza del Popolo at 12:45 and were given 90 minutes to do what we wanted.


Babs wanted to see the 18th century Spanish steps so off we went map in hand . Our guide had told us it was okay to drink the water from these basins because they were fed by springs. Babs snapped this photo and it gives the appearance that the guy was relieving himself.


This was a typical street and this was a week day!


We finally made it to the Spanish steps in 45 minutes.

Getting to the Trevi Fountain we had to ask directions three times but finally got there. Babs were with several hundreds of her closest friends. She had to toss a coin into the fountain.

We were behind time at this point and had to power walk, and grumble, all the way back to the meeting point. We didn’t have a lunch break and only made it there five minutes early. When our guide arrived we asked her if we could meet her across the street so that we could get a gelato. We went across the street and each got a gelato.

In the plaza where we ate our gelato was this woman literally covered in pigeons!


On the bus ride back, we passed St. Peters Basilica.

Crossing the Tiber river, we had officially left Rome.

Dinner was at the Polo Grill steak house. We had cocktails at the piano lounge before dinner.

These were our deserts:

This is our cabin.

Tomorrow we will be in Villefranche.

Babs Says: Faux fur has got to be the next fashion trend. It was in all of the shop windows. I realized today how uneducated I am as far as ancient history. No way can I name all the Emperors of Rome in order and know their contributions to Rome.













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