Med Cruise 2017, Day 2, Portofino Italy

The ship sailed from Monte Carlo to Portofino, Italy during the night. We had a 6:30 wakeup call because Babs was scheduled for an excursion that left at 8am. Believe me, it seemed more like 4am! All trips into Portofino involve being tendered into port by smaller craft.

Babs, Tinker, & Vidal all left for there excursion which was too strenuous for me. It involved steep hills and lots of steps. I opted to go explore Portofino n my own. I waited until around 10am so that I would miss the crowds of persons going on excursions.

Portofino is a quaint seacoast town with old cobblestone streets which are narrow and lined with all sorts of shops. Once on the waterfront, you are greeted by some interesting works of art.

Up on the hill is the “Castle Brown” a medieval castle that Babs passed during her excursion. To get to the castle, one has to navigate steep, uneven terrain, and lots of steps.

That’s why I elected to stroll around the town.

Portofino’s town center houses mainly tourist type establishments, small hotels, restaurants, and a pastry shop. All intermingled with residences.

Of course I had to buy some of the genuine Italian cookies like my grandmother used to make!


Babs, Tinker and Vidal’s hike up the mountain brought them to this church on the top near where the Castle Brown was located.

Going down the mountain, they visited the fishing village of Santa Margherita.

They also hiked to where an old light house was located to take  this photo, which gives you an idea of how far from Portofino their hike to Santa Margherita took them.


I finished my exploration of Portofino and was heading back to the tender and a couple asked me if I would like my picture taken.


Babs, Tinker, and Vidal returned hungry and tired around 1:30 where they found me at the Waves Grill having lunch. After lunch we all went to the pool deck until it was time to dress for dinner. I spent my time in the hot tub!

We met in the lounge where we listened to a crooner and they enjoyed cocktails until it was time for dinner.

Our dinner was at the Italian Toscanno Grill and was great! Vidal’s entre OssoBucco was the winner! Here are some of the deserts.

Tomorrow we will go to Pisa, home of the leaning tower.

Babs Says: Calamari, octopus, risotto with lobster, baked cod, Orsa Bucca, tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta, crème brule, – we must be in heaven! No, it’s Italy.




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