Med Cruise Day 2 Monte Carlo

We took off from Amsterdam on time on our KLM flight to Nice France. As usual, we had some drama for the day. I had laid my passport on top of my carry on suitcase while I was fishing something from my pocket. A woman came charging past, hit my suitcase causing it to tilter. In the process, my passport hit the floor. Babs and another woman passenger assumed that my passport was dropped by the woman who barged through. Babs picked up my passport and, in turn, gave it to a TSA agent. In the meantime, it became time for us to board, I couldn’t find my passport. Babs and I both were freaking out in a full blown panic, checking everything! Then the KLM boarding person paged me because she had my passport. Relief!

Having never been to Nice, I had no idea of How mountainous the terrain around it was. We landed at the Nice airport, were met by the Oceania cruise people and loaded onto a chartered bus for a 45 minute ride to Monte Carlo.

The ride to Monte Carlo was both beautiful and interesting. All the hills are terraced so houses could be built. e  went through at least seven long tunnels through mountains before emerging from a tunnel presenting us a view of the many large an beautiful houses, the Monte Carlo casino, the palace of the king of Monaco, and a panoramic view of the coast of the mediterranean sea. After going through another winding and steep tunnel, we arrived at our ship, the Riviera.

We registered and boarded the ship in search of food. In the process, we ran into our  old friends and sailing companions Tinker and Vidal Falcon. After a brief chat, Babs and I teaded up to the Waves grill and had lunch.


The “Texan” hamburger that I had was one of the most tasty I’ve ever eaten!

We then headed  back  to the room unpack. This is our view of Monte Carlo from our veranda.

While we were unpacking, we saw what we told were school children who were learning to sail, being towed out for a lesson.


At 6:30 we met tinker and Vidal in the main dining room where we had a delicious dinner. Babs had sea bass and I a New York strip steak. The food and service on this cruise has been fabulous so far. During dinner there was a great sunset.


After dinner we walked back to our room and went straight to sleep. We have a 6:30 wake up call for tomorrow morning so Babs can have some breakfast before leaving on her tour of Portofino. Here is our night view of Monte Carlo, beautiful!


Babs Says: Row, row, row your boat. It would take an entire NFL team to get one of the yachts that we saw today, moving out to sea.






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