Late Summer Journey, Day 10, Sept. 8

This morning the mountains were once again cloud covered.


Babs wanted to visit the Folk Arts Center so we took our time eating breakfast. By the time we left the hotel around 9:30 am the clouds had lifted and we headed back up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Folk Arts center.

The Folk Arts Center is loaded with various wood, glass, and pottery creations created by local artists. There were a lot of nice products, but also very, very pricy.

About 10:45 am we began our drive north toward home with the plan being to stop for the night in Staunton, VA. Saturday morning we were planning on having breakfast with our friends Mitch & Clara who live in New Market, VA.

These photos of mountains are in Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.

At 7:15 pm we stopped at the Hometown Grill, one of our favorite restaurants while traveling through Virginia.


After I had finished dinner, I remembered that I had not taken my evening medication and went to the car to get them. That is when I realized that I had not packed enough for tonight and another day because we had intended to be home tonight. As a result, we continued driving until we returned home, arriving home at 9:45 pm, a long day!

Every time we go on a road trip I wonder who designs the restrooms at highway rest ares and hotels. Judged by the urinals in the men’s rooms of the rest areas it must be men who have long legs and short trunks, or are 7 feet hall.

As far as hotel restrooms are concerned, they have to be designed by pigmies or Asians because the toilets are of such low profile, one almost needs an ejection seat to get up.

Babs Says: A big thank you to Doe for all the yummy meals. A big thank you to Mary, Genna, & Alex for spending time with us. A big thank you to Frank for getting us home safely in spite of all the idiots & jackasses on the roads.




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