Late Summer Journey, Day 7, Sept. 5th

It was a beautiful morning to start today, with sun and fall- like 58 degree temperature. I usually think procrastination is not a good trait but today it paid off. I was going to make our reservations at the Harrah’s Cherokee Resort and Casino last night. I didn’t make them because of the cancellation policy and I wasn’t sure whether or not my sister could change her doctor’s appointment and join us. Last night the room rate for the least expensive was  $114 a night. This morning it was $65 a night but while I was on the telephone trying to book a room, it went to $76.25 and I got the last two rooms at that price. It’s like “Lets Make A Deal”.

The hotel it’s self is a “big ugly” and not a design that I would expect Native Americans would approve.

The rooms, at least ours, seemed miles away from the elevators and the casino. My Fitbit logged 7980 steps while I was in the hotel and casino. Here is some of the interiors of the casino, the small part where photos are permitted.

This is the wonderful view from our eighth floor room.


After losing a quick $100 playing three card poker, I asked Babs if she and Dolores wanted to ride downtown. Cherokee is a tourist trap with stores selling souvenirs lining both sides of the main drag. Years ago Native Americans dressed in buckskins and feathered headdress would be everywhere posing with tourists for photos for a price. Not now because it’s not politically correct. There are also no bears in a cages to be found. Here is a store on main street today. We went in and stimulated the economy.

There is a creek that runs through the middle of a large portion on Cherokee. There are a lot of ducks there and you can fish with a permit from the tribe.

We tried to eat dinner at the hotel but every restaurant in the casino, except a pastry shop and the signature restaurant “Brio” were closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The wait for the Brio restaurant was and hour and a half. We left the hotel and ate at a place called Granny’s Kitchen. With the exception of Brio, it was probably better than what we would have had at the hotel and a third of the price.

After dinner, we went back to the casino where I somehow managed to get back to my room still $100 down. That’s almost as good as a win!

Tomorrow, we get back to the Blue Ridge Parkway to complete the leg from Cherokee to Asheville, NC. Afterwards, we will head back to my sister’s in Valdese and spend the night there.

Babs Says: Our typical afternoon in Cherokee – torrential rain, magnificent lightning and thunder echoing through the mountains.

How well was our room cleaned when I find one womans shoe under the bed? Ugh!

How come they are called penny slot machines when one spin costs a minimum of 40 cents?






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