Late Summer Journey, Day 6, Sept. 4th

There are all kinds of anniversaries, some good, some sad. Unfortunately it is an especially bad one for my sister because it was one year ago her husband Mel passed. So we visited his grave, as well as, my mom & dads graves located in the same cemetery and remembered all of the good times that we had during their lifetimes.

The rest of the day we spent in typical NC fashion shopping at Walmart, Big Lots, and getting fueled up for the continuation of our trip. It was a beautiful day here, sunny and reaching 85 degrees. Later I tested out the pool which proved to be on the chilly side.

Babs took these photos of me in the pool. The one of me trying to float looks a lot like how a whale would list after being harpooned!

This photo of me leaving the pool area makes a good argument for swimming in a tee shirt!


Tonight we had a nice dinner or London broil, corn, carrots, and brussel sprouts. Yummy!



Tomorrow’s weather is forecast to be good when we start heading west to Cherokee, NC where we’ll be staying at the Harrah’s Hotel & Casino.

Babs Says: Walmarts are interesting stores with the most fascinating clientele!





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