Late Summer Journey, Day 5, Sept. 3rd

There is much better weather today. It was sunny and reached 85 degrees. We just hung around the house watching a couple of DVD movies from my sisters extensive collection. My sister has two electric recliner  chairs which are very comfortable and assisted me in dozing through most of the first movie!

Dolores has a nice place with a pool and yard adorned with various statuary. Dolores and her late husband, Mel literally transformed this  house from a “shotgun” style mill house into a beautiful home.


After 5pm my niece Mary Catherine and her two children Genna & Alex joined us for an early supper. We ate a great meal of roasted leg of lamb, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, seasoned Italian beans, and steamed asparagus. Afterwards we sat out on Dolores’s patio and enjoyed a near perfect evening under a full moon until the mosquitoes arrived.

Can you guess which child is a handful?

My sister is an animal lover. throughout her life she has had dogs and stray cats. When a stray cat shows up for weeks at a time, she feeds it, takes it to the Vet to have it checked out and get its shots. If it is an outdoor cat and the weather goes below freezing for an extended period, she takes the cats to the Vet to board them until the weather improves. When I die, I want to come back as one of Dolores’s cats! Here are Bootsie and Toby. Toby is the black cat.

Vacation or not, I can’t escape trash duty!


Tomorrow we will still be here in Valdese. Hopefully it will be a day like today so I can get into the pool for a bit!

Babs Says: Mary had a little lamb and it tasted so good tonight. Seriously, I think we all need to take some time, close our eyes, and  reflect on all we have to be thankful for. (Oh, no-never end a sentence with a preposition).














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